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Coastland Wood Industries Ltd.

Log infeed line for long logs

Coastland Wood Industries Ltd., located on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, is a world-leading manufacturer of veneer.

In their search for an out of the box highspeed log handling solution, Coastland was impressed with the innovative technology solutions of the SPRINGER Group. The Canadian company chose SPRINGER-MiCROTEC to supply the line, which exceeds the capacity of two existing infeed lines. The new plant includes everything from the infeed deck (for logs up to 18 meters long), Nicholson debarker, and 8 saw transverse merchandizing system, through to the interface that connects the line to the existing sorting system.

With the support of the proven SPRINGER screw technology, MiCROTEC PLC and controls, as well as Logeye multi-sensor log scanners, the system is capable of producing 26,000 2.6m short logs per day.

Berneck Curitibanos

Springer has released screw technology that bypasses nasty bottlenecks in the sawline and facilitates the handling of rooked logs while discarding debris and waste.

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