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From old to new in 22 days!

SPRINGER upgrades lumber line plant by HILO


Within a very short period of time, SPRINGER was able to replace the existing grading line for side boards at HILO in Losheim, DE with a new state-of-the-art lumber line. In order to be able to install the new grading line with two decks, a trimmer line and a new SPRINGER positioning fence in time, the lumber sorter downstream was already modified by SPRINGER in December.

For the entire upgrade of the plant, starting with the disassembly of the old plant up to the commissioning of the new one, SPRINGER had only a window of 22 days this summer. To ensure that the plant could be assembled on time, entire sections of the line were pre-assembled outdoors next to the production building. Already during the construction phase, care was taken to ensure that individual sections and the respective machines could be easily brought into the production building by a mobile crane. After the successful performance test, the plant was accepted by HILO in due time. 

New log sorter at Boise Cascade

Well-proven log solutions from SPRINGER convince


Boise Cascade is one of the leading American manufacturers of and dealers in timber building materials. For the new stem and block processing equipment in its plywood mill in Florien (Louisiana), it picked SPRINGER’s proven log handling solutions including the robust screw technology.

Following the loading deck, oversized and unsuitable stems are shaped on a defect saw and fed to the slasher deck after debarking and scanning. The stems are trimmed into several blocks of equal length by five crosscut saws. They are then conveyed in two directions by a reversible belt and buffered in a total of ten sorting bins until further processing.

Folder SPRINGER Screw Technology 

Video SPRINGER Screw Technology

New and improved positioning fence

Ensures the reliable positioning of boards


The consistent increase in conveying speeds requires good quality assessment via a scanner and then reliable positioning of the boards in front of the trimmer. In order to meet any of our customers’ future requirements, SPRINGER has developed a brand-new positioning system.

Adjustment of the end stops is now carried out exclusively by servo technology. As a result, the new positioning fence no longer needs any flaps, cranks or clamping systems that are subject to wear and tear. We focused particularly on ensuring good access, compatibility with existing machinery and easy maintenance. The upshot is real added value for customers.

HoloLens 2

A cutting-edge communication device


Improve the way your teams collaborate and communicate with one another by choosing the HoloLens 2, one of the most practical mixed-reality devices on the market.

The HoloLens 2’s Helmet Version creates an immersive, virtual environment in the real world. During the communication process, the person wearing the HoloLens has both their hands free and is connected with other users throughout the world live. As a result, it provides easy and efficient communication with teams, whatever the location. The enterprise-ready solutions are specifically customised for sawmills. Get in touch with us at +43 664 8818 5651 and arrange a 30-minute HoloLens demo free of charge!

Folder HoloLens 2

Packing machinery replaced at record speed

Careful planning, efficient implementation and many years of cooperation

The ante Group, from Germany, is one of Europe’s leading family-run companies in the wood industry. Its decades-long collaboration with SPRINGER, as well as careful planning and efficient management, enabled the two companies to complete another joint project in record time in June.

In just 13 days, SPRINGER replaced the ante Group’s packaging machinery for its side boards at the Bromskirchen-Somplar site and dismantled the old machinery too.

Our sucess story!


SPRINGER becomes your local partner also in the US!


Donausäge Rumplmayr trusts in log sorting solutions from SPRINGER


SPRINGER modernizes the high performance saw mill of Donausäge Rumplmayr in Enns (Upper Austria) in order to meet the increased performance requirements and product range diversity. This upgrade includes an extension of the existing log sorting plant to 130 boxes. In order to place the boxes on the available area in the best possible way and to minimize transport distances, a rotating disc is installed. In addition, a quality scanner was integrated and a butt-end reducer is added in course of the modifications.   

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SPRINGER wins major order in New Zealand


Pan Pac Forest Products Ltd, New Zealand's specialist for radiata pine products, continues its long-term partnership with SPRINGER. At its sawmill located in Whirinaki (Hawke's Bay), SPRINGER will build a new earthquake-proof, heavy-duty, sawmill feed system worth about 7.8 million euros.

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System data, spare parts and service contacts all conveniently on your smartphone

SPRINGER, the number 1 in innovative solutions for the wood industry worldwide, is now offering an app for mobile devices. Order spare parts for your SPRINGER equipment from your smartphone in seconds.

Why use SPRINGER mobile?

  • Order spare parts quickly and easily in three steps thanks to the integrated QR code scanner
  • Direct access to your IoT platform – an overview of early warnings, machinery reports and OEE in real time
  • News from SPRINGER – receive information about our services and innovative product developments
  • Customer-centric service – direct contact to your SPRINGER experts


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Successful remote commissioning

SPRINGER impresses Windymains Timber Ltd. with a customised log concept

The Scottish Windymains Timber sawmill, a member of the Glennon Brothers Group, picked SPRINGER’s innovative and reliable log solutions when it updated its log sorting plant in East Lothian. The existing equipment, such as the feed deck and butt-end reducer from the old system, were added to SPRINGER’s new system concept.

Despite the current restrictions, the modernised log sorting plant was commissioned on schedule. The system was fitted on the customer’s premises in Scotland at the beginning of the year. What’s more, the tried-and-tested SPRINGER screw technology and a new rotating log feeder were added to the old log infeed conveyor. In order to carry out commissioning on time and not to risk the health of staff, SPRINGER commissioned a system remotely for the first time. Therefore, electrical and electronic commissioning of the machinery was carried out by trained SPRINGER experts directly from the Friesach site.


Folder SPRINGER Screw Technology


SPRINGER wins the Carinthian Innovation and Research Award 2020

On November 27, the „Innovations- und Forschungspreis des Landes Kärnten 2020“ was awarded in an online press conference. SPRINGER was able to convince the jury with the ED 3000 Wrapper, the innovative fully automatic packaging machine, in the category "large companies".


Now also available with a stitching module

The fully automatic wrapping machine can be equipped with welding heads or the specially developed SPRINGER stitching module. Thus the innovatice machine concept of the ED 3000 enables an efficient and automatic wrapping of lumber pakages with polyethylene or woven material, without interrupting the production process. Depending on the module, a weld seam or a stitched seam guarantees the required tightness of the film hood.



Folder SPRINGER ED 3000 Wrapper


SPRINGER service package convinces Holzindustrie Stallinger

Service and maintenance solutions that optimally match the needs of the system are an important part of SPRINGER‘s product and service range. The well-trained SPRINGER service team has now also been able to convince Holzindustrie Stallinger GmbH of the benefits of a comprehensive SPRINGER service package.

In order to maintain the long-term performance of the lumber sorting system at the sawmill site in Frankenmarkt, the service package includes amongst others the expansion of the existing lumber sorting system. The plant will be extended by five additional trays, including a mischannelled board diverter. In addition, a SPRINGER board unscrambler will be installed in the area of board singulation to meet the new performance requirements.


We're happy to help!

SPRINGER continues to develop its products and services to offer its customers the best possible solutions. We have therefore added a new Service Order System in our Customer Service Centre.

This ticket system guarantees the smooth processing of all incoming messages, enabling our team to handle your queries with more speed and efficiency. Write us at service(at) – our competent team are happy to assist you!


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Holzwerke Bullinger relies on SPRINGER'S services

SPRINGER also provides optimum maintenance and service strategies for its projects after commissioning. The SPRINGER Customer Service Team's competent assistance and a complete customised service package also won over Holzwerke Bullinger, one of the largest European manufacturers of construction timber including glulam and duo/trio laminated beams. 

The complete package, which is for the company's sawmill facilities in Neuruppin, includes an expansion to the existing sorting line, a length sorting line and a comprehensive spare parts package. A Plant Fitness Check was also carried out to determine additional possibilities for optimisation, identify necessary part replacement and present the customer with a comprehensive report on the current situation of the plant as well as its potential. 


Coastland Wood Industries relies on SPRINGER technology solutions

The Canadian veneer manufacturer Coastland Wood Industries turned to SPRINGER's innovative technology solutions to upgrade their log merchandizing area with a complete system from SPRINGER, together with its partner company, Microtec.  

On Vancouver Island, a SPRINGER log infeed deck was installed along with a screw log feeder as an interface for integrating the line into the existing sorting system. The new line includes an infeed deck for logs up to 18 metres and eight saws for the production of 2.6 m shortwood logs, as well as a defect saw for processing very crooked logs. SPRINGER's trusted screw technology combined with Microtec's control and Logeye Multi-Sensor Scanner enables the system to handle 26,000 shortwood logs per day. 


Video Coastland Wood Industries

Folder SPRINGER Screw Technology


SPRINGER is carbon neutral

To meet our responsibility towards the environment, protect important resources and make a positive contribution to reducing greenhouse gases, SPRINGER offsets its annual CO2 emissions in accordance with the Clean Development Mechanism.

A detailed analysis was performed to calculate how many tonnes of CO2-equivalent pollutants are being emitted and determine the size of our carbon footprint. SPRINGER compensates for its CO2 emissions by supporting a hydroelectric power project in India, thus making an important contribution to successfully reducing global emissions.


SCA still counts on customized solutions from SPRINGER

After two years of project planning, the team around our head of projet planning Gert Fischinger was able to convince the Swedish group SCA of the innovative and powerful products of SPRINGER and to continue the successful partnership. SCA is investing in a new SPRINGER dry sorting plant at SCA Bollsta. The system will be both, one of the largest and one of the fastest systems on the market. The plant will include amongst others the E-Cut 200, ED 3000 Wrapper, RLS and the digital systems such as IOT and GoLive!

Read more about it here!

Back to normality

We are there for you as usual!

On Monday, 04.05.2020 we begin to adapt our COVID 19 measures to the new developments in Austria. Accordingly, we are also loosening our safety and prevention measures step by step and returning to our usual business routine.

Hansjörg Springer honoured as bridge builder for Europe

Euopaeus 2019


On Tuesday, 05.11.2019, the European award EUROPAEUS was awarded in Velden am Wörthersee. Dr. Hansjörg Springer was honoured by the EUOPAEUS in the category "Economy - Internationalisation/Pioneers".

ED 3000 WRAPPER - First fully automatic wrapping machine

installed at Pfeifer in Unterbernbach

SPRINGER is your reliable full-service provider for innovative machine concepts, as demonstrated by the successful installation of the ED 3000 Wrapper at Pfeifer's sawmill site located in Unterbernbach, Germany.

The fully automatic packaging machine will be used in the newly built dry sorting system and will be put into operation in October along with other SPRINGER product innovations, such as the Robotic Labeling System.


SPRINGER ED 3000 Folder

SPRINGER ED 3000 Video

Timber plant

Successful project completion at Kirchner

Kirchner Säge- und Hobelwerk GmbH also relies on individual and tailor-made plant concepts by SPRINGER. The newly built sawmill at the Radstadt site (Austria) has been equipped with a SPRINGER timber plant for main and side boards.

The assembly work of the tailor-made timber plant including packaging started at the end of 2018. Already in March of this year, the plant was successfully put into operation by the company Kirchner.

Kirchner Video


Cranes´future field of vision

The modular SPRINGER Wide-Eye System, which is tailored to your needs, projects the optimal field of view of your crane into location-independent wide-eye specs. This pioneering technology enables you to control your telescopic cranes and indoor cranes far away from the load and the actual hazardous area.


  • Operation of up to six crane systems from a single operator's workstation
  • No damage to machinery
  • Massively reduced downtimes
  • No access to the hazardous area required
  • Optimum view of load and hazardous area
  • No additional travelling routes required for operators



SPRINGER Service 24/7

Don´t hesitate to contact us!

Our contact details:

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Upgrade your plant to 4.0!


SPRINGER equips North Russian Sawmill 25

Lesozavod 25 in Arkhangelsk - TITAN Gruppe

The Sawmill 25 in Arkhangelsk belonging to the TITAN Group is one of the most modern sawmills in Russia. Due to the innovative technology developments of the SPRINGER Group, the operators of the Sawmill 25 have decided on solutions by SPRINGER for log sorting, sawn timber plant and the saw feeding system.

Together with Linck, SPRINGER equipped the entire plant. The scanner technology solutions come from the SPRINGER’s partner company, FinScan.

Plant data:

·                     Log sorting with 48 boxes
·                     Saw feeding using Valon Kone debarking machine
·                     Lincks saw line 120 m/min feed
·                     Sawn timber plant for main and side products with a two-way shark-fin conveyor grading, 32
             sorting boxes and automatic stick laying
·                     Re-sorting with trimming, FinScan, 55 sorting boxes and packages, handling with Pascal
·                     Complete disposal by SPRINGER except hacking and sieve by Vecoplan
·                     500,000 solid cubic metres/year, cut in two layers
·                     300, 000 m3/year of sawn timber (140 cycles, sawn timber plant)

About the TITAN Group: 

In addition to the Sawmill 25 Group, also the pulp and paper manufacturer, PPM (APPM), as well as several forest companies belong to the TITAN Group. 

Holzwerke Ladenburger

relies on the SPRINGER service agreement

You can rely on SPRINGER systems and solutions. SPRINGER provides support for its projects with optimum maintenance and service concepts, even after commissioning. On request, SPRINGER service agreements cover the entire lifecycle of your machinery and plants. They help to maintain the profitability and efficiency, as well as to increase this by means of ongoing innovations.

Like many international customers, now, the German family company, Ladenburger GmbH at its site located in Bopfingen-Kerkingen, also relies on the SPRINGER service agreement.

Since the complexity of the plants is continuously increasing, a higher requirement is placed on long-term efficiency and increasing effectiveness. Essentially, an increase in plant availability and thus the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) arises. Having a modular design with precisely defined, requirement-related performance levels with a high a level of flexibility, the SPRINGER service agreement thus represents a significant added value for asset management.

Advantages of the SPRINGER service agreement:

·                     Modular design
·                     Inspection, maintenance and optimization included
·                     Service, technology, and industry expertise
·                     Calculable costs
·                     Extension of the service life of SPRINGER components
·                     Easing the burden of in-house maintenance resources

Berneck Curitibanos

Springer has released screw technology that bypasses nasty bottlenecks in the sawline and facilitates the handling of rooked logs while discarding debris and waste.

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