SPRINGER is the global leader for innovative concepts for the wood-processing industry. We are continuously developing our products and tailor our solutions to our customers’ requirements.

Planing mill

SPRINGER planing mills are distinguished by high quality, ease of maintenance, user-friendliness and a wide performance spectrum. The conveyor systems, grading and sorting plants allow speed rates in the planing lines of 60 to 1200 m/min. Mechanization and comprehensive packages are SPRINGER’s specialty – from line feeding systems to package handling.

Our performance spectrum includes:

  • trimmer plants in the planing and packaging section
  • planer and scanner infeeds for all capacity ranges
  • sorting lines
  • scanner systems for sorting by strength and surface quality
  • packaging lines (cross-cut and automatic disposable sticker laying unit)
  • bundling machines (with SPRINGER bundling systems in the packaging section of stand-alone solutions)
  • package mechanization systems (with SPRINGER press system for small and large packages)
  • conversion and optimization of existing planing production lines