SPRINGER is the global leader for innovative concepts for the wood-processing industry. We are continuously developing our products and tailor our solutions to our customers’ requirements.

Screw Technology

Our innovative screw technology enables high speeds to be achieved when feeding logs to the log sorting line and sawing line. Transfer to the next conveyor is smooth. Functions such as accumulation, singulation, alignment and acceleration are combined in a single system.

Hilfe bei der Zubringung zur Rundholzsortieranlage


  • chainless transport
  • reduced noise levels
  • longer periods between maintenance
  • low maintenance costs

TAYLOR 1200 – butt end reducer

The TAYLOR 1200 butt end reducer increases productivity in the sawmill right at the start of production. The system can be integrated as a bypass solution or directly at the log intake section without disrupting the production flow.

Der Wurzelreduzierer TAYLOR 1200 steigert die Produktivität im Sägewerk


  • easy to maintain chainless conveyor unit
  • low operating costs
  • long-lasting due to Hardox toothed discs on the log turning shaft
  • no additional base frame
  • low output power
  • diagonally-positioned milling cutter shaft for true-to-form reduction