Sawmill infeed

SPRINGER supplies sawmill infeed units for all common sawmill lines, including gang saw, chipper and band saw lines. The infeed section can be equipped with either the LOG INFEED system or the recently engineered SCREW INFEED technology.

Springer Maschinenfabrik liefert die geeigneten Sägezubringungen für alle gängigen Sägelinien

Overview of our products and services:

  • sawmill infeed systems for every quality grade
  • log infeed and singling
  • measurement lines for top-end detection and recording
  • curved log turner, lifting log turner or suspended log turner – depending on performance requirements
  • integration of other machinery (e.g. metal detector, debarker, bark shredder

The potential capacities of log infeed units range from 10 to 50 logs per minute. MiCROTEC detection systems are used for detecting top ends as well as for input control of the turning unit and for registering and recording the processed timber downstream.

We will be pleased to design a log processing plant that meets your every need.