Sorting Lines

SPRINGER log-processing machinery and lines are the ideal solution for preparing logs for sawmill cutting. The systems are specifically designed for the required performance level and can be fed with small-dimension timber, large-dimension timber or long timber. The systems are designed as modules to guarantee the most in productivity. An optimum sorting result is achieved through the integration of the most advanced MiCROTEC measurement systems.

Springer Maschinenfabrik für Rundholzsortierung

SPRINGER is highly concerned with designing log sorting lines to ensure trouble-free infeed and singling, with the least noise. The potential capacities of log infeed units range from 10 to 50 logs per minute.

Trimming and cutting lines as well as the TAYLOR butt-end reducer facilitate higher yields and help ensure a smooth production process.

Whether you require an infeed unit, a sorting line or wish to integrate new machinery – we will be pleased to design a log processing plant that meets your every need.