Grading and sorting plants

SPRINGER grading and sorting plants for planing mills are characterised by a wide range of services, ease of maintenance, user-friendliness and high availability and quality.

Our plants allow speed rates of 60 to 400 m/min.

To increase productivity, MiCROTEC scanner lines can be built into the plants – for example for moisture measurement, warp detection or strength testing.

We will also be happy to check your existing production line and optimise the mechanical processes or the complete control technology.

Our performance spectrum includes:

  • line feeding systems (with tipping or vacuum destacking units)
  • grading sections with detection of moisture, rejects and warping
  • trimmer plants in the planing and packaging section
  • planer and scanner infeeds for all capacity ranges
  • scanner systems for sorting by strength and surface quality
  • individual packaging without grading
  • conversion and optimization of existing grading and sorting plants