SPRINGER is the global leader for innovative concepts for the wood-processing industry. We are continuously developing our products and tailor our solutions to our customers’ requirements.


The innovative machine concept of the ED 3000 enables an efficient and automatic wrapping of lumber packages in planing and lumber mills. The fully automatic wrapping machine can be equipped with the welding heads or the specially developed SPRINGER stitching module. 


  • easy to integrate into existing plants due to the short and compact design
  • continuous production process that is not interrupted by the wrapping
  • film magazine for six films
  • tight fitting film hood, without loose foil corners which have to be fixed extra
  • easy to maintain thanks to the easy accessible individual components
  • modular design for welding head or stitching machine module (subsequent conversion possible at any time!)

E-Cut 200

With the E-CUT 200 trimmer, SPRINGER has developed a new, strapless machine concept that reduces maintenance costs.

Mit dem Trimmer E-CUT 200 Wartungskosten minimieren


  • precise cutting direction
  • temperature-independent operation
  • high electrical efficiency
  • no damage caused by trimmed ends
  • low maintenance
  • can be integrated into all existing timber sorting plants

Stacking and packaging plants

SPRINGER stacking and packaging plants for lumber sorting guarantee a smooth flow of materials and seamless transfers.

Springer Stapelanlagen und Paketierungen für die Schnittholz-Sortierung

Our performance spectrum includes:

  • combination systems for stacks and packages
  • stackers for mixed lengths in a zigzag design
  • high performance DUAL FORK system
  • integral layer trimming unit or single-board trimming
  • board marking unit
  • impregnation stations
  • special model for pallet trimming with integral trimmer for up to 26 layers per minute

Sticker and scantling handling

SPRINGER sticker laying units are technically sophisticated and low maintenance. They can also be integrated into existing third-party systems.

SPRINGER Latten- und Staffellegungen sind technisch ausgereift und wartungsarm

Our performance spectrum includes:

  • stickering machine with sticker lifting mechanism
  • stickering machine with liftable lath bundling unit
  • semi-automatic stickering with manual filling
  • automatic stickering and sticker laying with fixed or adjustable sticker magazine
  • automatic aluminium stickering
  • automatic application of cardboard strips
  • semi-automatic sticker-laying with manual filling
  • automatic sticker feed and sticker-laying

E-Feeder 200

The E-Feeder 200 is our response to a great demand for flexible feeder solutions for timber processing with variable dimensions. A continuously controlled feeding process not only considerably enhances process safety but also clearly increases the availability of the entire timber sorting plant.

Flexible Zuteiler-Lösungen für die Schnittholzproduktion mit variablen Dimensionen.


  • carefully handles materials
  • high process safety
  • increased availability of the entire timber sorting plant
  • low maintenance
  • can be integrated into all existing timber sorting plants