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A one-stop solution

A one-stop solution
From log sorting yards to sawmill feed systems to customized solutions: As a planner and main contractor, SPRINGER brings together the necessary specialist planning, selects appropriate components, pools expertise, and combines everything to produce a perfect, customized solution tailored specifically to the customer’s requirements.

For instance: An end-to-end solution for one of the most modern sawmills in Central and Eastern Europe
In 2020, one of the most advanced, high-performance sawmills in Central and Eastern Europe went into operation in the Czech Republic. The log sorting yard, sawmill feed system, and the two sorting plants for center and side boards are from SPRINGER. Assembly commenced in October 2019, and in May 2021, it was completed with factory acceptance. The vast sawmill’s log sorting yard is designed for an output of 1 million cubic meters per year in two-shift operation. In addition to the two 3D measurement systems, the Taylor 1200 butt-end reducer is the sawmill’s centerpiece. It operates with a reduction rotor on both sides in the bypass. The logs are sorted into 88 bins. The sawmill feed system is designed for a feed rate of up to 200m/min (656 feet per minute).

At a log length of four meters (13 feet), that’s more than 42 logs per minute. SPRINGER supplies two separate lines for the high-performance sawmill, each with an infeed section including a screw unscrambler, 3D turner, and debarker. The logs are brought together by screw-type separation and are transferred to the special acceleration channel. This ensures that there are minimal gaps between the logs. 

SPRINGER was also responsible for handeling the residuals from the systems delivered. Behind the saw line, the center and side boards are fed into two identical SPRINGER sorting lines. The lug loader has a capacity of up to 220 cycles per minute. Boards are sorted into 20 single-board layer trays. Layer cutting is carried out once the trays have been emptied. If required, there is also a dip for blue stain fungus protection. The stackers with double forks can handle up to 26 tears per minute. SPRINGER installed two strappers in the outfeed. 

Facts and figures about the project:

Capacity: 1 million cubic meters per year in two-shift operation

Log sorting yard

  • Infeed: Two in-feed sections with screw unscramblers
  • Feed rate: Up to 200m/min (656 feet per minute)
  • Butt-end reducer: Taylor 1200 with reduction rotor on both sides in the bypass
  • Sorting: in 88 bins

Sawmill infeed system

  • Infeed: Two infeed sections with screw unscramblers
  • Feed rate: up to 200/min (656 feet per minute); more than 42 logs per minute
  • Measurement: Two MiCROTEC Logeye 301 measurements
  • Merging in front of the saw line via a SPRINGER acceleration channel

Board handling

  • Up to 220 cycles/min
  • Center and side boards are sorted in 20 single-board layer trays each
  • 2 Strapper and package presses
  • Stacker with 26 tears per minute

Customized support

As a family-run company, personal contact to our customers is our top priority. Our sales reps are happy to help you find the best solution.


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