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Log turner

Depending on the saw line and the timber sorting systems upstream, it may be necessary to oparate the logs by turning them before they reach the saw line. In this case, SPRINGER can offer a curved conveyor, four finger system from above, or log turning disc to do the job. All systems stand out for their robust designs, durability, and low maintenance requirements.


The SPRINGER e-kicker system demonstrates a high level of ejection precision. To optimize the edge, the turning pushers are equipped with individual drives. This allows the direction of rotation of individual turning pushers to be changed in order to transfer the logs precisely to the cross conveyor.

Debarker centering conveyor

SPRINGER’s centering conveyors move logs to the center of a debarker, which is done hydraulically. To compensate for differences in the conveying speed, the centering conveyors have a special V-flight design of the lugs. 

Stop and Loader

The SPRINGER rotating log feeder is a reliable infeed solution in which an accumulation cross conveyor can be connected upstream. The rotating log feeder’s retainer, which prevents duble feeding, can be hydraulic or electrical, depending on its location and the conditions it’s used in.

Log infeed conveyors

SPRINGER log feed systems, which have robust, industrial components that can handle deep piles, stand apart for their high availability and low maintenance requirements. 

Metal detection belts

Pieces of metal embedded in the timber need to be detected early on to minimize downtime. Because of this, SPRINGER has developed an end-to-end solution that is used in log yards and sawmill feed systems.

Acceleration rolls

The acceleration channel is integrated in high performance systems and is the ideal solution for the optimized log gap in sawmill infeed systems. By positioning the acceleration rollers and the rotary feeder, logs are perfectly centered. This keeps the acceleration constant  and ensures an optimal log gap.


Customized support

As a family-run company, personal contact to our customers is our top priority. Our sales reps are happy to help you find the best solution.


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