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The beltless trimmer for lumber production

The rocker arms are operated by an eccentric system. As a result, the movement of each of the saws can be controlled exactly, regardless of the temperature. The trim ends and sawdust are transported away in a controlled manner using a cross conveyor and sent to the waste wood disposal system below.

A maintenance walkway provides easy access if saw blades need changing. It is easy to install the compact E-Cut 200 into existing grading lines.

Your benefits

  • Precise cutting
  • Superior electrical efficiency
  • Works regardless of temperature
  • No damage due to controlled trim ends handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to install into existing grading lines

Customized support

As a family-run company, personal contact to our customers is our top priority. Our sales reps are happy to help you find the best solution.


Sales Team  
Patrick Kogoj