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Fully automatic wrapping of lumber packages with welding or sewing head module

Fast and sustainable

The ED 3000 Wrapper needs just 50 seconds to wrap a package, which makes it one of the fastest machines of its kind on the market.

Wrapping is done in combination with a film magazine. This can take up to six rolls, which it provides automatically. The machine is consistently centered over the packages thanks to the package data and sensors.

Once the film has been centered, the grippers pick it up and place it on the package.

Once the film has been applied, the corners are welded and cut off. The welds are waterproof and capable of withstanding any rough handling during transportation of the packages.

Welding heads or the custom-developed SPRINGER sewing module can be fitted to the machine.

Your Benefits

  • Fully automatic film magazine for six films
  • Continuous production, not interrupted by the wrapping process
  • A film hood, custom-adapted to the package size
  • A modular design for welding heads or the sewing module
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple to fit to existing wrapper lines

Customized support

As a family-run company, personal contact to our customers is our top priority. Our sales reps are happy to help you find the best solution.


Sales Team  
Patrick Kogoj