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SPRINGER timber lines handle timber in an efficient and material friendly way. They are individually designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of customers.

Project: High-performance sorting systems for the Rettenmeier Group in Wilburgstetten (Germany)
All features were designed to be automated and deliver top performance at the German company Rettenmeier´s plant. Just 24 months after planning started, the first boards from the plant, which were designed to handle 1.3 million cubic meters per year, entered the SPRINGER sorters. SPRINGER supplied three highly automated sorters with a capacity of 180 boards per minute, which were designed for an annual output of 700,000 m³ of center and side boards as well as 350,000 m³ for dry sorting.

The profiling line (from the German company Linck) supplies the three SPRINGER sorters with center boards and up to eight side boards per log. Two systems have 22 single-board layer trays plus pre- and post-accumulators. Another timber line with 60 drop bins is primarily intended for side boards.

The boards are fed on the side cuts line with the E-Feeder 200. The systems were also fitted with the GoldenEye scanner from Microtec, an affiliate of SPRINGER.

A fully automatic stick infeed system with a scanner-monitored stick discharger has been integrated into the 3 stackers. Secure strapping is also possible to ensure internal processing is as trouble-free as possible. This is followed by fully automatic package processing with the ED 3000 Wrapper.

A central waste handling system was also integrated into the timber lines, which disposes of off-cuts and sticks.

The SPRINGER IoT package includes helps customers conduct maintenance and provides information for the SPRINGER maintenance app.

Facts and figures about the project:

  • Three sorters with a capacity of 180 boards per minute each (and just seven operatives)
  • Capacity: 700,000 m³ sawn timber annually
  • Center boards and dry sorting: 22 single-board layer trays each
  • Side boards: 60 drop bins
  • Two automatic stick feeds to the 3 stackers
  • Scanner for fully automatic stick dischargers
  • Equipped with the E-Feeder 200, the beltless E-Cut 200 (3x) trimmer and the Microtec Golden Eye scanner (3x)
  • Automatic package processing with fully automatic ED 3000 Wrapper

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